CIC Flagship Program

Subject: Native Trees

• to celebrate life

• for thanksgiving

• as an act of worship to the Creator and Maker of all


Tree-bute, A Living Gift, is a project of Christians in Conservation Philippines (CIC). Trees are planted for every joyous occasion – to celebrate a new birth, birthdays, marriage, anniversary, friendship, work, milestones.  As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CIC can help companies organize tree planting events with the participation of their leaders and staff, packaged with lectures on environmental stewardship. Trees can also serve as living memorials for the life of a departed loved one.


CIC undertakes to plan the Tree-bute planting event by providing Philippine native trees and even offers repository land for the sponsor/celebrant.  This project is a way of encouraging people to be involved in earth keeping by planting trees to reforest, to offset carbon footprints, to create habitat for wildlife, to create green parks and gardens in their communities.


A small amount is charged for tree seedling and for its care and maintenance.  CIC encourages the planters to visit their trees and watch them grow.


CIC promotes the planting of Philippine native trees. A couple species we are currently propagating for future Tree-Bute events include:

Salingogon (Cratoxylum formosum)

Photo credit: Lydia Robledo


Malak-malak (Palaquium philippense)

Photo credit: Lydia Robledo

A Tree-Bute Memorial

A TREE-BUTE for Rocha leaders who died in a fatal accident in S. Africa. Three native trees were planted by the entrance of Asian Theological Seminary in memory of Miranda Harris, A Rocha co-founder, and Chris and Susanna Naylor, A Rocha director and his wife.

A Tree-Bute Birthday

A TREE-BUTE to commemorate a special birthday of one of the professors from a local seminary in Metro Manila.

A Tree-Bute Service

A TREE-BUTE as part of an outdoor worship service of a local church in Quezon City.

Trees for Peace

"Trees for Peace" is the first Tree-Bute of CIC, which was enkindled to pay homage to the 44 Special Action Force police officers killed in Mamasapano serving the path of peace. 44 trees were planted as a living memorial not only for the fallen soldiers but also for Filipinos as a whole to pursue peace nationwide.